Sunday, Monday or Always

It's always fun when I have an opportunity to add a "forgotten" song to my repertoire, and dust off a beautiful tune that doesn't seem to be performed very much any more.  Over the weekend I performed at a party with a theme of 1943 and in putting together my set list I noticed "Sunday, Monday, or Always" (words by Johnny Burke, music by Jimmy Van Heusen) on the list of hits from that year.  I knew the title, but couldn't really remember how the song went, and I'm glad I decided to check it out. It's a fairly simple song, but has all the qualities that suck me in - nice structure and lyrics, a soaring melody, and well, room to croon, so to speak.   Bing had the big hit with it, but I love this version from Mildred Bailey, especially how she lingers evocatively coming out of the bridge on "pound and pound".  And what a treat it must have been to say "Give me four, Teddy"!


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