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On New Year’s Eve, nowhere jumped any more massively than – you’d never guess – Gigi’s in San Luis Obispo. Songbird/pianist Dawn Lambeth, has a solo gig there, [and] Gigi’s hired in a really classy group to go with Mademoiselle Dawn on the Eve… As the crowd grew, jeopardizing the local occupancy limits, and the standing room disappeared, the management made that unheard of request: ‘Could you play louder?’ They could, and did, and nobody went home until the place closed down.
Jim Leigh, The Mississippi Rag
Truly outstanding jazz! Dawn Lambeth’s talented, sweet voice added a note of charm.
New Orleans Jazz Club of Northern California
…Whenever possible, we go to hear Dawn sing. Her voice is clear and true, her enunciation of lyrics is always impeccable, and her style is timeless. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to hear a good jazz singer and feel sure that her name and fame will yet be commensurate with her fine talent.
Claire Gordon,secretary to Duke Ellington & jazz author
An absolutely wonderful singer. It’s always gratifying to hear young performers taking up this genre!
Nick Summers, KSPA, Los Angeles
A smooth band, featuring vocalist Dawn Lambeth, who sings in the style of Lee Wiley and Maxine Sullivan.
Andy Whittenbourn, jazz photographer, The Mississippi Rag